Ramchandra Phawade

Assistant Professor


Research interests :

Academic Background

In 2017 Completed two years of Postdoc at IIT Bombay
In 2015 Obtained PhD in Theoretical Computer Science from The Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc), Chennai
In 2007 Obtained MSc in Computer Science from Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI), Chennai
In 2002 Obtained BTech in Computer Science and Engineering from National Institute of Technology (NIT), Calicut


Journal Publications:
Conference Publications:
Pre-prints: (available on request)


  • Software Systems Lab (CS 251)--8 credit course -- (at IIT Goa) -- 44 hours -- Fall 2017.

  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms (CS 218)-- 6 credit course -- 43 hours -- Spring 2018.

  • Engineering Mathematics for Advanced studies -- 1 credit -- 6 hours -- Spring 2018.

  • Computer Programming and Utilization--Summer course -- 12 hours -- Summer 2018

    Applications of Petri nets:

    Some areas they used in are: communication protocols and networks, software, workflow and business processes,
    hardware, control systems and military systems. Few pointers are given below.
    Success stories on Petri nets world, Industrial applications of Colored Petri nets, A paper by Van Der Aalst.

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